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Free Strings: Bluegrass & Blues Notation Pack


$49 Bluegrass & Blues Notation Pack - Unlimited Licences You will receive violin, viola, cello, and bass parts complete with chords, lead, variation, and tools for getting off the page for the following lessons. We've also included the bass lines and assorted exercises for your other instrumental groups! Lesson 1: Jamming Over A Form Lesson 2: Crafting A Break Lesson 3: 12 Bar Blues Lesson 4: Chords, Arpeggios, and Harmonies OH MY! Lesson 5: Tunes vs. Songs Lesson 6: Blues Scales and Licks Lesson 7: Transposing Licks Lesson 8: Fingered Double-stops *Don't see your lessons? Try refreshing your page or go to "My Programs" on your members page.

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Bluegrass/Blues Notation, $49.00


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