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The Free Strings Bluegrass and Blues module will provide the instructor and the student with both traditional notation (PDF's) and video instruction (DVD or Online) to facilitate and develop jamming through the application of America’s own music: bluegrass and the blues.

Free Strings - Join The Jam

  • Lesson 1: Jamming Over A Form - Angeline The Baker

    Lesson 2: Crafting A Break - Liberty

    Lesson 3: 12 Bar Blues - Lila's Blues

    Lesson 4: Chords, Arpeggios, and Harmonies OH MY! - Glass Is

    Lesson 5: Tunes vs. Songs - Gold Watch and Chain

    Lesson 6: Blues Scales and Licks - Lonesome Road Blues

    Lesson 7: Transposing Licks - Nine Pound Hammer

    Lesson 8: Fingered Doublestops - I Am A Pilgrim

    Downloadable PDFs for each lesson.

    30 minute one-on-one session with creator Annie Savage

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